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Microformats, sometimes abbreviated as uF, are simple and open data formats that make it possible to create meta-content readable by people as well as understood by machines. In other words, microformats are simple codes build on XML that can identify special data kinds, for instance events and people, to provide additional metadata about web objects.

The basic idea behind microformats is to use the common standards that we already know to communicate as much semantic meaning as possible. These microformats use XHTML tags that are currently in use such as blockquote, cite, and address. They also use attributes to create blocks of code that are semantically appropriate. Such attributes include rel, title and rev.

Whenever a business entity wants to publish or share high fidelity information across the web, the best option would be to use microformats. These small bits of (X) HTML, easily identify rich data types in your webpages like events or people. They also enable users to share, own, move and control their data on the web.

The use of microformats when developing your website comes with many benefits. Numerous tools are available to help including our free SEO Software. Below are just a few of these benefits:

Information Stays on Your Website

A huge advantage of using microformats is that it keeps your information within your website/blog, as opposed to such information being scattered on the web. It allows other websites to come to you. For instance, should you want to sell a certain product, you can simply blog about it using a microformat like hListing. Once you do this, a website that aggregates classified ads from across the web like edgeio will find your blog post cum listing and place it within its listing. This makes it easier for people to find your product directly from you.

Consistent Content

Microformats help you create content that is more consistent. It is a common fact that the more content on your website, the more traffic you are likely to attract. At the same time, the more consistently you post such content on your website, the more you connect and engage with your audience. Unfortunately, creating content is difficult for most people. With microformats though, it’s actually quite easy to do this. All you need to do is to share your microformat with content providers. This ensures that you always get content in the right format and all you have to do is present it to your audience as is.

Easily Consumable Information

Besides being accurate, appropriate and machine (search) readable, web pages that employ microformats make information posted on them much easier to use. For instance, a page that uses the microformathCard makes it easy for one to add the contacts in to an address book. You can also easily synchronize such information with your handheld or your PDA, thus making personal and contact information posted on the web much more useful.