What is Paradox SEO Software?

Paradox SEO New Task List
Paradox SEO a new SEO Software tool that is intended to simplify SEO in a big way.
You can think of it as Holistic SEO Software, bringing together the hundreds of different aspect in a meaningful and useful form.

How Google works – in short.

Google basically discovers a domain, spiders its pages, the links point to it, and then aggregates this with Google Chrome, ISP Data, Behavioural Data and data from the many parts of its business. It then analyzes lots of different things. Based in this holistic and complete analysis, – together with the context of the search, rankings are determined.

How Paradox SEO Software can help you.

Rather than approaching SEO the same old backwards, remedial, patch-work way that many of us have been guilty of, the Paradox SEO software platform takes a top-down, structured, procedural approach to it. We ask the user to insert a URL, and a few basics details and off we go, pulling all the data needed in from various third party APIs, and our own spiders etc.

Paradox SEO DashboardParadox SEO is not just another tool that provides a bunch of meaningless metrics at the user. We gather the data, analyse the data, benchmark the data, and then provide meaningful recommendations based on the data and your website.

Dedicated to Simplifying SEO for You

We are putting a lot of effort into simplifying the complexity of SEO things simple and easy to use. So, we then, we analyse data for you and display all the metrics that matter. But numbers are often boring and we don’t really want be handing out boring spreadsheets etc as that is just noise and more work for you to do. So, instead we focus on giving our users the gold nuggets that they need rather that the raw oar.

So, based on these measurements, we provide you with relevant SEO recommendations. Essentially we address the areas of interest and most value in order of priority. Our recommendations are constantly being tweaked and are prioritised based on potential impact, cost, man hours needed etc. (Most of this I presently invisible but is happening in the background),

Our Road Ahead

We are still in Beta and are iterating through lots of different functionality but Paradox SEO will eventually become a single one stop destination for SEO analysis, recommendations, project management and even fulfilment through integration with qualified third parties.

You can view our current roadmap here:

Hop on board!

Paradox SEO Software is still in Beta… so you are officially and early Adopter! So what not my not try Paradox SEO and help us to define define the best SEO tool ever!