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Backlinks are very important when it comes to improving your search rankings, however debate continues between quality and quantity of backlinks. Whatever side of the fence you sit on, or if you are like most experts and firmly on the fence, the fact remains that quantity still does matter. You could win the ultimate back-link from a highly authoritative site such as the New York Times, however the subsequent boost in rankings would be short-lived if it is not backed up by a backlink strategy that is both diverse and targeted at a large number of quality sites.


Conducting regular and thorough backlink analyses is vital to both developing a successful backlink strategy and measuring the performance of said backlink strategies. However simply looking at the total number of backlinks to any site can be misleading as it may include recent ads and can be artificially inflated through links to entire sites and all their pages, linking to directories, comments in blogs and so on. Therefore total link count should not be the only metric that webmasters use to determine the effectiveness of their link building strategies.


Webmasters must look at the domains of their backlinks in great detail as Google and other search engines value backlink diversity both within and external to the site. Most backlink analysis tools such as Majestic SEO and Moz Open Site Explorer contain a backlink analysis metric measuring the number of unique domains throughout all of the backlinks to your site. Being more of a hydra, Paradox –  our own seo checker also looks and back-link count and far deeper. This number should then be compared to the total number of backlinks to determine how much domain diversity there is within your sites’ link portfolio. It is commonly known that the value of any link drops off as more and more links from the same domain are accrued, therefore such analysis can unearth any such issues within any link building strategy.


Although this article only scrapes the surface of explaining the importance and guiltiness to follow of a thorough backlink analysis and subsequent backlink strategy, it does help explain some of the major misconceptions of the great quality versus quantity debate in regards to link building.