Google Analytics and Google Console Permissions

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If you didn’t grant us read-only access to your Google Analytics data during the Welcome Wizard, please follow the Integration instructions here. If you are logged into Google, this will take a few seconds and help us to help you with important things like Bounce Rates, Click Through Rates and other behavioural factors. No related …   

Push Notifications

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As SEO is an ongoing process, we will keep checking for you. We will email you with your test results every week or so to make sure you get the best value. Also, please accept any push notifications from your device or browser when prompted. No related posts.

A Goals Focused Approach

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We’d like to help you to achieve your goals. We found that drop down boxes are not very helpful when it comes to understanding our users. Please do let us know using the Intercom speech bubble below. No related posts.

Our View On Keywords

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Our approach to SEO is holist rather than keyword centric. Rather than chasing ranking for a handful of keywords, we will help you to rank better and better for more and more phrases each month. This will be clearly evident in your own Analytics. This is how Google works and what will work best for …   

Centralising Useful Content from WHMCS to WordPress

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We are moving a few things around. Please bear with us through this inspired reorganisation and shuffle. We are moving our Announcements and Knowledge Base Sections to this blog from the Clients Servicing area which is powered by WHMCS. It just makes more sense in terms of content management, site layout, usability and design. Plus, …   

The “Safe Harbor” Agreement Ruling and How the EUCJ ruling will affect business activity

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Safe Harbour

The European Court of Justice’s ruled that the 15-year-old safe harbor agreement with the USA. Does this mean that Facebook is no longer authorized to transfer EU member state citizens’ data to the USA? The European Court of Justice’s October 6, 2015 ruling on data protection may affect the way companies based in the United …   

Paradox SEO v.0.6.5 Update

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New Paradox SEO Dashboard View

Thanks to everyone who has already taken Paradox SEO for a spin. If you have not already done so, you feel free to head over to Earlier this month we released Paradox SEO version 0.6. This was without fanfare as we really wanted to get several more features fully deployed quickly. Paradox SEO version …