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Being the leading social network today and still growing, Facebook is an important tool you can use to market your brand. However, you will first of all, need to develop a social media strategy which will help you build a fan base for your company’s Facebook page.

Having established fan base already, the next thing is making use of it to improve Facebook shares for your company. You need to be compelling in what you update so that you motivate your followers to share your updates on their own pages.

1. Update during peak sharing times

According to a recent survey, people who publish their posts at times when others are not accessing Facebook at work get more shares. In addition to that, you can as well make use of Wednesdays (research says that it is 8% your chances of getting comments or likes higher than any other day) because it is the day users are most likely to comment or like your posts.

2. Publish short but engaging updates

A big number of Facebook users do not like reading long posts. For you to be able to improve Facebook shares for your company, you will need to be good at publishing eye catching short updates that will touch your followers such that they will be compelled to share. If you do not catch their emotions, you are not catching their attention as well.

3. Interact with your followers when they comment on your posts

When you make an update and leave only the fans commenting and liking, you are not meeting your end of the bargain. Facebook users who follow companies and brands expect full engagement. In so doing, you will earn their trust and make them keen every time they see your updates.

4. Ask them questions

Pages that engage their followers in relevant, creative and entertaining questions get the most shares and likes. Take that advantage. In most of your updates, make sure that you give the person reading your update the chance to answer you, which in return will improve on your service delivery.

5. Pay your followers off for sharing

Many users do not like doing things free. As a company, you should come up with a system or a logarithm that is able to pick the follower who deserves the reward after sharing your update. This way, you will be able to motivate them to spread word to their followers whenever you make an update. However, your system should be as transparent as possible so that it does not discredit you.

All said and done, it is not hard to improve Facebook shares for your brand. You will only need to follow carefully the above outlined steps for your endeavor to be a success. When your brand is active on Facebook, this means that it is visible to many people who can easily convert to returning customers.

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