Link Signal to Citation Noise Ratio

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Signal to Noise Ratio - Jelly Baby

Google has maintained their market leader position around the world through constant innovation aimed at ensuring the best user experience across their primary search product. Therefore Google reward sites that offers the best, most relevant, authoritative and most natural user experience to their visitors through improved search rankings. Traditional SEO practice around anchor text use …   

Entity Listings and Freebase

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Metaweb_Logo - Freebased

The Google Knowledge Graph has become increasingly prominent in Google search results over the past few years, which has had major impacts to both the SEO and PPC success of many businesses around the world. If you have not heard of the Google Knowledge Graph then chances are you have seen it in Google’s search …   

Thinking Outside the Link – Brand Citations are the Future of SEO

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The way Google and other search engines rank our websites is changing. In essence, these next generation search engines are far more intelligent, able to place a website within an overall context increasingly accurately without the need for hard links and back-links at all. That’s not to say that links are dead, but they play …   

How Entity Listings and Freebase are Impacting SEO

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Recently, Google, the leading search engine made some updates in its ranking algorithm. This new search algorithm has had most SEO experts up in arms because most do not quite understand the new shift. It is simple though; Google is trying to move from being search term based to being more intention based. In other …   

Brand Association with Keyword and SEO

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Do brand names that feature generic keywords perform better online? Well, it certainly doesn’t hurt. In terms of domain names, it used to be the case that the SEO holy grail was an Exact Match Domain (EMD). These are domains that contain targeted keywords in order to increase CTRs and to help gain higher rankings …