Why Google Now Loves Secure HTTPS Sites

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A few months ago, the head of Google’s Webspam Team, Matt Cutts, announced that he’d love to make SSL a ranking factor in Google’s algorithm. And after months of speculation, his dream is now a reality. Google has announced that sites that switch from HTTP to HTTPS, making them more secure for users, will receive …   

Google Webmaster Tools

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It is no secret that Google is by far the dominant search engine people use to find anything on the Internet. Therefore if you want your site to appear in front of those people looking for what your site can offer, then the first place you should start is by finding out what Google thinks …   

The Importance of Usability and Content, and Their Impact on SEO

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Writing content specifically for websites is not without it’s challenges. The author needs to make sure that the content is engaging as well as informative enough to generate viewers’ interest. At the same time the content needs to be unique. Whilst this might not appear to be that difficult apparently, things are always easier said …   

W3C Standards and SEO

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If your website has passed W3C validation standards, then it means that its code is optimum and it will not be experiencing errors or even poor traffic because it is well formatted and readable. As a website owner, you should make sure that your website passing W3C standards is your first priority because more and …   

Understanding the Basics of Progressive Enhancement

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Progressive enhancement is building content out and then separating a website’s structure (HTML) from its behavior and presentation (JS and CSS). If you are like me and very many other people, you will agree that content is supposed to be available to web users regardless of what device they are browsing from and its capabilities. …   

Is Shared Hosting Bad for SEO?

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There is this fear that most website owners have about shared hosting in relation to SEO. Most people are afraid that should the shared hosting they are on have a spammy site, they may end up getting penalization too. But is this really the case? Should one be worried about being a victim of penalties …   

HTTPS URLs and SEO Ranking Benefit in Google

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Recently, in August 2014 to be precise, Google made an announcement to the effect that it would be using SSL and HTTPS as a ranking signal in its search algorithm. However, it added that it would be a very weak signal and that it would only affect a very small section of the global queries. …