Link Signal to Citation Noise Ratio

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Signal to Noise Ratio - Jelly Baby

Google has maintained their market leader position around the world through constant innovation aimed at ensuring the best user experience across their primary search product. Therefore Google reward sites that offers the best, most relevant, authoritative and most natural user experience to their visitors through improved search rankings. Traditional SEO practice around anchor text use …   

SEO Rankings & Total Back Link Count

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Location Signals

Backlinks are very important when it comes to improving your search rankings, however debate continues between quality and quantity of backlinks. Whatever side of the fence you sit on, or if you are like most experts and firmly on the fence, the fact remains that quantity still does matter. You could win the ultimate back-link …   

Inline Link Diversity

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Inline Link Diversity

With the release of the latest iteration of Google’s organic search algorithm, Penguin, it has become increasingly important for webmasters to increase the diversity of their onsite inline anchor text. However to address these issues webmasters must first audit their existing anchor text throughout their website and hence have a solid understanding of the types …   

How a Google Publisher Tag can Boost your Social Signal Benefits

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Morning coffee with Google+ Yuri Samoilov Photo by Yuri Samoilov

In the new Google world, connectivity is key. Links from the anonymous web just don’t cut it any more. If you want to climb those rankings, you need your content to fit within an overall context, and your brand needs to be established across the web over relevant, high-quality websites. How can a Google Publisher …   

Thinking Outside the Link – Brand Citations are the Future of SEO

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Social Icons

The way Google and other search engines rank our websites is changing. In essence, these next generation search engines are far more intelligent, able to place a website within an overall context increasingly accurately without the need for hard links and back-links at all. That’s not to say that links are dead, but they play …   

5 SEO Tactics You Should Steer Clear Of

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When you decide to launch an online business, you can quickly find yourself putting all of your energies towards getting a good ranking for the website in the search engines. Search engine optimization (SEO) can become an all consuming activity a goal with ever moving goal post. However, when engaged in SEO for your site, …