Mobile Site Detection and SEO

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Browser Detection & Graceful Degradation photo by Bean Studio

Google has welcomed and in some ways helped drive the rise of Internet usage on mobile devices by rewarding sites that offer bespoke mobile user experiences, either through separate mobile sites or responsive design, with higher search rankings. Webmasters who either develop separate smartphone-optimised versions of their site or build their site from the ground …   

SEO on the Go – The Importance of Responsive Design for Tablets

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Suspended in Air by Robert S. Donovan Photo by Robert S. Donovan

Designing a website isn’t just about the desktop or laptop experience anymore. As more consumers turn to tablets and smartphones, it’s increasingly important for businesses to ensure that their site is accessible and easy to navigate by users across all of their gadgets. Sites that load faster and provide a better online experience for the …   

Understanding the Basics of Progressive Enhancement

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Progressive enhancement is building content out and then separating a website’s structure (HTML) from its behavior and presentation (JS and CSS). If you are like me and very many other people, you will agree that content is supposed to be available to web users regardless of what device they are browsing from and its capabilities. …   

SEO Benefits of Responsive Design

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Photo by Jeffrey Zeldman Photo by Jeffrey Zeldman

The shift from desktop devices to mobile devices has been predicted for many years now. Beyond that obvious that stares us in the face day-to-day, recent research by the guys over at Search Engine Watch has emerged that confirms that the age of mobile is finally upon us. Fortunetely, Paradox is inevitably evolving into more …