SEO & The Hugely Important Time to First Byte

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time-runs-by-hamid-kashfi photo by Hamid Kashfi

Recent research by Moz has found time to first byte (TTFB) to be the most important site-speed related factor in determining rankings in Google search results pages. This is a surprising finding as the conventional wisdom of SEO experts advised that on-site elements such as unwieldy JavaScript tags and uncompressed imagery were the most important …   

SEO Performance: Does Alexa Average Load Time Matter?

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avec-le-temps-va-by-jackdal Photo by Jackdal

Alexa Average Load Time provided by Amazon Web Services is a popular method of gauging site load time. It helps us to get a better idea of how a site’s page load time compares to other sites across a wider sample of the population than just a single test from a single point of view. …   

Remove Render-Blocking JavaScript for SEO Performance

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In the web design world, the term ‘render’ means loading. In other words, if you get a message that you have a render blocking JavaScript, this simply means that you have a JavaScript code that is preventing your webpage from loading. The leading search engine Google recommends that any web page should not have a …   

Google PageSpeed Insights Score and SEO

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PageSpeed Insights- Google

Google determines the ranking of a website in their search results based on a number of important factors, such as relevancy, usability and backlinks to other sites. However one factor that is often overlooked is the time it takes to load the landing page. Now that we have entered the age of the mobile where …