Paradox SEO v.0.6.5 Update

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New Paradox SEO Dashboard View

Thanks to everyone who has already taken Paradox SEO for a spin. If you have not already done so, you feel free to head over to Earlier this month we released Paradox SEO version 0.6. This was without fanfare as we really wanted to get several more features fully deployed quickly. Paradox SEO version …   

The Three Most Important Local SEO Signals

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Location Signals

Google uses numerous signals to determine geographical relevance. Some some of the signals are more obvious than others. Three of the most fundamental signals are as follows. 1) IP Location There is an abundance of evidence available that supports the notion that Google does indeed look at the geographical location of web servers based on …   

Mobile Site Detection and SEO

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Google has welcomed and in some ways helped drive the rise of Internet usage on mobile devices by rewarding sites that offer bespoke mobile user experiences, either through separate mobile sites or responsive design, with higher search rankings. Webmasters who either develop separate smartphone-optimised versions of their site or build their site from the ground …   

Link Signal to Citation Noise Ratio in SEO

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Signal to noise ratio - jelly bean

Google has maintained their market leader position around the world through constant innovation aimed at ensuring the best user experience across their primary search product. Therefore Google reward sites that offers the best, most relevant, authoritative and most natural user experience to their visitors through improved search rankings. Traditional SEO practice around anchor text use …   

Entity Listings and Freebase

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Metaweb_Logo - Freebased

The Google Knowledge Graph has become increasingly prominent in Google search results over the past few years, which has had major impacts to both the SEO and PPC success of many businesses around the world. If you have not heard of the Google Knowledge Graph then chances are you have seen it in Google’s search …   

SEO and Website Hierarchy

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mayan-pyramid-b&w-by-juan-francisco-vigorena Photo by Juan Francisco Vigorena

The implementation of a solid website hierarchy strategy is fundamental to both an intuitive user experience as well as optimal search engine rankings for all sites. The term hierarchy can be broadly defined as how we categorise things in order of their perceived importance. We apply hierarchical structures to all manner of things, from the …   

Super SEO with User Generated Content

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Most sites are able to attract some first time visitors, however few are able to lure back these first-time visitors again and again and thus turn them into loyal and regular visitors. One factor such sites have in common to drive repeat visits is new and engaging content regularly posted. However this can be difficult …   

Absolute Total Back Link Count

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Location Signals

Backlinks are very important when it comes to improving your search rankings, however debate continues between quality and quantity of backlinks. Whatever side of the fence you sit on, or if you are like most experts and firmly on the fence, the fact remains that quantity still does matter. You could win the ultimate back-link …