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The social media has grown significantly, influencing how people do business as well as affecting the way we do branding and company identities. The social media is where you connect with your clients directly. It is also the same platform that you push your brand identity. Facebook has particularly become a major player in all this. The question is, do the likes you get on Facebook affect your website ranking in any way?

As much as Facebook has become a major player in the business/website marketing strategies, it does not directly affect your website ranking. Google’s ranking algorithm has not included this as part of its ranking metrics. Actually, according to one of Google’s prominent engineer Matt Cutts, it is too complicated and very difficult to work the Facebook likes in to the search algorithm of Google. This means that these likes may never be a factor in the Google ranking algorithm.

Simply put, Facebook likes and shares have no direct effect on how your website will rank on Google. However, this does not mean that Facebook and other social media should not be part of your SEO strategy. Paradox, our online SEO platform and other have shown that indirect effects beyond correlation are present. You need them to build your brand image as well as to expand your network and reach. These social networks are good platforms for viral campaigns that get you clients via word of mouth.

On Facebook, you can also take advantage of the events feature because Google always indexes such events posted on the social networks if they are public. This can help you further advance your brand awareness.

At the same time, any business related images that you post on Facebook should have tags with appropriate descriptions. You should also ensure that you encourage and carefully monitor comments so that you can get rid of spam comments that may affect your business reputation and brand negatively.

Doing all this creates authority and a likeness by your customers. It would not be a surprise that these same customers and Facebook followers are the same people who will form part of your website traffic…and of course, you know that with traffic comes authority and with authority, comes higher rankings of your website. This is the indirect way that Facebook might help you rank your website.

Good to note here is that Facebook has been working towards making its own search engine sometime in the future. If this dream comes true, your website will be at an advantage if you keep encouraging likes and shares. Therefore, as much as there is no direct relation between the Facebook likes you get and the ranking your website attains, it is important not to abandon the use of this leading social media platform.

Here is the bottom line; Facebook, and the social media in general, may not have a direct ranking influence for your website. However, they play a major part in your SEO and internet marketing efforts. They should therefore part of all your SEO strategies for current and future potential benefits.