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In the new Google world, connectivity is key. Links from the anonymous web just don’t cut it any more. If you want to climb those rankings, you need your content to fit within an overall context, and your brand needs to be established across the web over relevant, high-quality websites.

How can a Google Publisher Tag help you do this? Let’s take a look at how it works.

Adding a Google Publisher Tag to your website instantly and seamlessly connects your Google Page to your website and vice-versa. This helps to harmonise your online output, and connect up all your content in one fell swoop.

This rel=”publisher” tag is an authorship markup from Google, and it resides in the head area of your website. It connects websites (not people) to the Google+ page of the publisher. While it seems that, until now, only big, tech-aware brands have been making use of the rel=”publisher” tag, all businesses can benefit.

Why use them?

Better connected – when it comes to brand searches, there’s real value in having your website linked to its social media brand page. It makes sense to allocate authority associated with your Google+ business page to all content and therefore see the company logo and Google+ linked page to any content that was written on business blogs.

Boosts your social signal performance – the Publisher Tag allows you to share and promote content that you have shared on your Google+ business page. Of course, this provides even more incentive for businesses to sign up to Google+ over Facebook and other social platforms too.

Visibility – we all know how important rich snippets (for example, the star ratings that show up on search for restaurants on Google) and knowledge graphs (for example, the associated Wikipedia page on the right of a name search) are today. They’re now a solid and major part of Google search result displays.

For a brand search for your company, the Publisher Tag will pull out a knowledge graph on the right in the form of your brand’s Google+ page summary. These snippets give users more info about your business before they’ve even entered your site, encouraging brand awareness and attracting new users too.

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