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Social networking is one of the best ways to reach your target customers. You can interact with them personally and get to know their opinion about your business. Social media sites also influence the ranking of a website on search engine result pages. While there are many social media sites on web, the one site that is most beneficial for search engine optimization is Google Plus. It ties many Google services together and delivers numerous benefits. Let’s find out how Google+ shares and other factors can help improve your search result ranking.

Google+ share and +1 are crucial

Sharing content on Google+ and requesting other users to +1 your content is just like asking people for Facebook “Like”. However, the impact of +1 is far greater than “like” because while offering search results for a given keyword, Google pays attention to the number of shares and +1. When other people share your website content or +1 your post, it shows that they have faith in you. It is like recommending to the friends that “look, this company offers this and I trust him.” Since the content sharing on Google+ is not paid, these are considered as genuine recommendation and according to Google, if you are popular among the web users, then your site deserve a top spot on search engine result pages.

Google Plus and Page Rank

Google+ posts are scanned and indexed as soon as you publish them. In fact, Google search considers Google Plus profiles and pages just like normal websites. Thus, they have Page Rank and can be as influential as websites in terms of ranking. Higher Page Rank pages deliver more authority to the websites they link to. You will be glad to know that Google+ posts can retain the ranking for a long time. Hence, your brand gets the opportunity to capture bigger real estate on SERP.

Few factors about the followed links

• When you share a link on Google+, for example, the “about us” page of your company website, the anchor text becomes the title of the page you are sharing.
• Only shared links are followed. Remember that the links in the post body are “nofollow” Therefore, those don’t provide any authority.
• Most links in your Google+ About page are followed.
• Good quality images can boost a post’s popularity and click through rates.

The web influence of Google+

Larger network means better reach in Google+. Suppose you have 100 people in your circles. That means you can influence the search results of 100 users directly or indirectly. Although Google Authorship has been discontinued by the search engine giant, you still get the opportunity to influence the search results of your followers. The “rel=publisher connection” allows you to verify a connection between your website and your official Google+ page. Once the connection is established, you get a “verified site” notation that shows up in your company’s Google+ page.

Google+ helps in local SEO

People like to deal with companies based in their locality. As a web user you must have searched for “restaurants in New York” or “housemaid in London” etc. Google is great for local SEO and helps make your business easily discoverable. Google+ Local is a part of Google+ and concentrates particularly on companies and their locations. The Google+ Local page of a brand looks like a Facebook business page, but it comes with many more features to help the brand connect with local consumers socially.

How Google+ Local helps?

• Increases your online visibility. It helps web users find a link to your site, what your business offers and any other relevant information about your company.
• It offers direct access to customers and allows them to post reviews. For example, if you own a fast food business, past clients can write about your food quality, your service, pricing and much more. In simpler words, they can recommend your business to others and more reviews mean better ranking.
• There is the facility to integrate your page with Google Maps. It helps users to find contact information and the exact location of your shop or office.

Hashtags to boost your ranking

Hashtag is an often overlooked but highly effective marketing and SEO tool. When you use hashtags related to your business in your Google+ posts, people can easily find your content by typing that hashtag in Google search. For example, if you run a photo studio and specialize in wedding photos, then you can add “#weddingphotos” to your posts. This hashtag will give your content more exposure.

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