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Google has been very adamant to acknowledge publicly whether it incorporates social signals in its ranking algorithm. This makes it a little bit difficult for SEO experts to identify exactly what they need to do to get a direct SEO benefit from the social media.

However, experiments carried out by a number of people in the SEO industry seem to indicate a strong relationship between a website’s ranking and its Twitter backlinks. For instance, Ben Cummings of the Practice Building Center did a Twitter back linking experiment to see how his new blog would rank for some specific keywords. His findings were nothing short of amazing as he was ranking on position 2 for a keyword that his new blog had not even ranked for anywhere. Amazingly, all this happened within 72 hours.

A side note here is that he used a paid service that gets Twitter message retweeted for this experiment. He wanted to find out the effect of backlinks from Twitter on Google ranking, and the speed at which the ranking is obtainable, as well as how sticky this ranking is. He also did not use any other SEO technique for the entire period of the experiment.

This experiment, among several others carried out by internet marketing and SEO experts have shown that the use of Twitter actually helps you with your ranking efforts. So, as much as Google may not out rightly admit, it actually weighs Twitter backlink signals quite highly.

What This Means

If you seek to rank on Google for any keyword(s), you should consider including the creation of backlinks from Twitter in your SEO efforts. It is a known fact that backlinks form a key part in the ranking algorithm of the major search engines, including Google. In your back linking efforts, ensure that you also get Twitter as one of your sources of this.

Improving your Twitter posting activities not only engages your customers and potential clients, but it also comes with that added perk of helping you rank faster. Create Twitter posts that will attract retweets so that your links can be shared wide. Viral Twitter campaigns would also work some magic in your ranking efforts.

Simply put, let your customers and Twitter followers engage you deeply via your Twitter platform. Find a way to ensure that your customers can even ask questions and get answers from you via this same platform. As much as possible, make your customers move towards engaging you within Twitter and always ensure that you have links and keywords that you want to rank for being incorporated in your engagement.

The bottom line

A website owner who seeks to increase online visibility needs to consider employing any legitimate resource, or platform, to try to get that top ranking in the SERPS they seek. This includes the use of the social media, especially Facebook and Twitter. Paradox, our SEO SaaS may be one for you try.  A few Twitter backlinks can easily catapult your website right to the top of the search engine results.