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Step 1 - Enter Some Basic Details

Step 1 – Enter Some Basic Details.
Simply enter your site details and our tool will begin to analyze and research for you. We’ll provide your SEO quick wins based on a basic dataset with a few minutes. Your site will also be queued for ongoing analysis every evening, week and month for every improving SEO.

Step 2 - Review, Complete and Assign Tasks

Step 2 – Complete Simple Recommendations.
Simply complete the tasks that you can complete or assign them to a suitable team member. Sort options include ROI, and Ranking Impact. Our SEO tool makes sure you don’t lose track of what to do, and who is doing what!

Step 3 -

Step 3 – Enjoy the Journey.
SEO is a journey and we are your guide. Each time that you login we will have more specific recommendations ready for you based on more fresh tests. Watch your organic SEO rankings, search engine visibility and audience reach and ROI improve over time with each task that you complete!

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You Will Always Know Where To Start.

We know that your time is valuable and tasks need to be prioritised. The Paradox SEO tool is designed to save you time by ordering tasked based in ROI by default. With Paradox SEO you always know what, how and why to change things. Within a few minutes, our tool begins to fetch and analyse your SEO data for you. What used to take months, we can do in a few hours. Within just a few hours, we turn the raw data into your tailored SEO action plan based on known ranking factors. You can choose to sort by Cost-vs-Benefit, Ranking Impact Size, Estimate Cost, Estimated Time Needed and other options too.

This continues each day, week and month with increasing detail. By presenting this information in handy to-do’s and recommendations you always know where to start. You can sort tasks by different factors including cost-benefit ratio, the magnitude of the effect that a change will have on your search engine ranking, how hard is it to implement and a few more other factors.

You Can Easily Collaborate & Delegate SEO Tasks.

Teamwork can overcome almost any challenge as long as and everyone reading from the same script. Things tend to fall apart when Teammates are using different tools, different datasets, and different processess. Paradox SEO makes Teamwork easy. A symphony is a beautiful thing.

Not everyone can make changes to a website and we think that everyone should do what they’re good at. So with Paradox SEO you can simply send tasks to your internet guy or to your colleagues by using our handy integrated collaboration tool. You can also collaborate on each project with as many team members as you like.

Through your dashboard you can then keep an eye on which tasks have been completed by your team, and which are still pending. You can invite as many colleagues as you need in order to collaborate on your project while you will retain master access. You can even engage our SEO Services on a short term basis to help clear your SEO backlog.

Act on Causation, Not on Correlation.

Which came first; the chicken, or the egg? It is very easy to Google ‘SEO Ranking Factors’ or a similar search and find a list of signals or that correlated with the rankings. These list can make for interesting reading of you have the time to spare and after after some geeky entertainment. If what you desire is to know which factors correlate with rankings, then such list will suffice. However, do be aware that correlation is not the same as causation.

Our engine takes these very important fact into account when helping to rank your website. We go a step beyond suggesting that you do thinks that correlate with rankings. We work out the cause of rankings and focus our efforts – and yours on those.

Always Be Up-To-Date.

Search Engine Optimization is an ever changing and complicated business. Sorting through the abundance of old advice, and simply bad advice on the internet is daunting enough. Let alone understanding and implementing it.

Changes the search engines make can hurt your business. We continuously update our software to follow all changes in the search engine algorithms. In fact, our platform has several learning algorithms at it core. If there is any change that you need to be aware of, Paradox SEO lets you know by updating your recommendations and through notifications. So, please accept notification when offered.

Be Liberated By Our Automated & In-depth SEO Research.

Our Paradox SEO Service is very simple to use and always current, and we’re proud of that. Keeping SEO simple is surprisingly complicated! But behind the scenes it is a very powerful piece of software. Within a few minutes of setup, we will have already analyses many SEO factor for you. However, that is just the tip of the iceberg. Every evening, every week, and every month, more and more today is fetched and analysed just for you. So remember to return often to find out what is new for you.

Our software analyses and does research based on all currently known SEO ranking factors. We use data from more than 50 sources sources including various premium sources. Over time, and with each login to your dashboard, more and more data is fetched for your campaign,interpreted and turned into recommendations. This beings on your first visit, but continues or you each day, week and month. Just keep an eye on your inbox, or browser notifications or device notification centre for your latest quick wins and recommendations.

Enjoy Both Quick Wins and Longer Term Recommendations.

We will provide some quick wins from your first visit based on a limited subset of data. However, the biggest gains will come from using Paradox SEO regularly and over time. Just like Google, every evening, week, and months, we will fetch and analysis for your.

Each time you finish the new tasks on your list, our engine springs into action, review your work and bring the data up-to-date again. Also, each time you login, you will tricker a new set of test that will benefit you. The more tasks you complete, the more data we will fetch and analyse. This is how we reward for your dedication and loyalty! It also helps us to allocate our resources where they will deliver most value. Every day, in every way we will help your SEO to get better and better.


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Sotiris [Paradox SEO Founder] knows SEO theory and practice. Worked with many SEOs who promise but deliver nothing. Sotiris delivers in time, to budget and maintains constant development and improvement.
David Murphy

David Murphy

Head Of B2C Acquisition, Playtech
Sotiris [Paradox SEO Founder] is very talented and knowledgeable in his field. He proved dedicated in excelling past the results required of him and was a great pleasure to work with.
Paul Archer

Paul Archer

Head of Acquisition, Gaming VC Corporation Limited (
Sotiris [Paradox SEO Founder] comes highly recommended with good reason. His vast Online and Search expertise allow him to deliver excellent results, which were seen throughout his tenure with us.
Greg Bailey

Greg Bailey

Proposition Manager, Insurance Futures at Tesco Bank
Sotiris [Paradox SEO Founder] is extremely knowledgeable in his area of expertise and the sort of personality that excels at what he does. We have collaborated on many projects… and my overriding feeling is Sotiris has delivered exceptional value and results…
Dale Roscoe

Dale Roscoe

International CRM Manager, at Bentley Motors Ltd

Get *SMART SEO Tips Monthly.

Benefit from lots of quick tips, useful metrics and tailored SEO recommendations. Our advice is relevant to you and easy to act on. Also, we prefer to recommend one off strategies rather than ongoing drudgery. Paradox SEO also empowers entire SEO Teams. Try our great multi-user collaboration features.

*SMART tips are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timed. They are also clever ways of getting results with the minimum possible overhead.
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  • Money back guarantee Money back guarantee We are so confident that Paradox SEO will improve your search engine results, we offer a 100% money back guarantee! Use the information, recommendations and techniques provided by Paradox SEO for a full 6 months, and if your SEO reach does not significantly improve, we’ll give you a full refund.
  • Premium support via Skype
  • Email support
  • Number of Projects This is the number of urls (domains or pages) that you can check per account.
  • Per project you get:
    Advanced Recommendations The amount of advanced to-do’s that show up in your to-do list each month.
  • Standard Recommendations The amount of actionable to-do’s that show up in your to-do list each month.
  • Number of root keywords This number reflects the number of main keywords you can set and track per project. Those should be your brand and most important keywords
  • SEO factors checked Search engines use many factors to determine the position of your website in their results. The number listed here reflects the number of factors we check for you.
  • Number of backlinks analyzed The total number of backlinks Paradox SEO analyses per project
  • Crawl limit This is the number of pages on your website that we will spider and analyze. We will start at the page that you specify and keep going until we have analyzed this many of your urls.
  • Per account you can also:
    Invite Team Members span With Paradox SEO you can easily work together with your website guy, team members or colleagues. Each account comes with unlimited users.
Get Started! The minimum amount of power you need to get started with your business. This plan includes all the basics but none of the advanced features.
  • Money back guarantee
  • Premium support via Skype
  • Email support
  • 1Numbers of projects
  • Advanced Recommendations per project
  • 10Standard Recommendations
  • 5Number of root keywords
  • 75SEO factors checked
  • 1000Number of backlinks analyzed
  • 1000Crawl limit
  • 2Invited team members per ccount
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Growing Business$99monthly
Get Started! This plan is most popular with start-ups and business clients who want the best for their business. For a low price you get all the basic + advanced features.
  • Money back guarantee
  • Premium support via Skype
  • Email support
  • 3Numbers of projects
  • 3Advanced Recommendations per project
  • 20Standard Recommendations
  • 10Number of root keywords
  • 125SEO factors checked
  • 25000Number of backlinks analyzed
  • 2500Crawl limit
  • 5Invited team members per account
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Get Started! Perfect for independent SEO consultants with multiple clients or entrepreneurs that need more power. With all the features of the Growing Business plan but with less limitations and more projects.
  • Money back guarantee
  • Premium support via Skype
  • Email support
  • 10Numbers of projects
  • 5Advanced Recommendations per project
  • 30Standard Recommendations
  • 15Number of root keywords
  • 150SEO factors checked
  • 50000Number of backlinks analyzed
  • 5000Crawl limit
  • 10Invited team members per account
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Get Started! For agencies or SEO professionals who want a fast way to audit and optimize for a large number of clients. (contact us for custom quotes)
  • Money back guarantee
  • 1 hourPremium support via Skype
  • Email support
  • 50Numbers of projects
  • 5Advanced Recommendations per project
  • 30Standard Recommendations
  • 50Number of root keywords
  • 150SEO factors checked
  • 75000Number of backlinks analyzed
  • 10000Crawl limit
  • 50Invited team members per account
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Free TrialFreeTry it!
Get Started! The minimum amount of power you need to get started with your business. This plan includes all the basics but none of the advanced features.
  • Money back guarantee
  • Premium support via Skype
  • Email support
  • 1Numbers of projects
  • Advanced Recommendations per project
  • 3Standard Recommendations
  • 3Number of root keywords
  • 50SEO factors checked
  • 100Number of backlinks analyzed
  • 100Crawl limit
  • 1Invited team members per account
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Enterprise SEO Consultancy.

We Provide the Best Bespoke Enterprise SEO Solutions.

We have worked with many companies both large and small across many industry sectors. We can help you with issues from wireframes development to post Google Update remedial SEO and recovery. We also help businesses to measure, predict, budget, forecast, plan and methodically manage your SEO efforts.

We can also alleviate the headache of data continuity by integrating Paradox SEO with your own systems through our API. From the concept stage, the Paradox SEO Platform was designed to be more than a standalone system. If you would like to discuss a more tailored API based SEO solution, then please contact us.

Whitelabel Agency Solutions.

If you are an established SEO Agency looking for a better way to simplify and streamline operations then we can save you time and money. If you would like to discuss a white labeled SEO solution, then please contact us.

SEO Tool for Inhouse Marketing Teams.

Would your in-house Marketing Department benefit from a dependable SEO solution? The Paradox SEO platform delivers power and scalability without an increase in overheads. Paradox SEO Agency will help you. If you would like to discuss a modified SEO Paradox SEO solution, then please contact us.

Bespoke SEO Solutions.

We are always happy to discuss tailoring our solution to meet your needs. Drop us a line if you would like to explore white labelling our platform, API integration with our data, or other cool ways that we can work together.